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The #futureofwork is here. We, at WPPOOL, believe in flexibility and autonomy. Our remote culture encourages and guides you to ensure personal and work-life wellbeing — all while you work sitting anywhere in the world. Lead a productive work-life and still have time for your friends & family. Have a thriving career with us.

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Working at WPPOOL

Being a fully remote team, we focus on tasks instead of your time. In our remote work policy, we don’t supervise anyone. Instead, we look after the result. So, you have to be responsible for your work, set virtual boundaries in your mind to separate your personal and work life to get the most out of you, lead a productive work-life and thriving career with us.

We ensure psychological safety. You’re free to act, raise issues, make non-repeating mistakes without any fear of criticism and punishment. There is no stupid question.

Transparency and consistency in our communication are crucial in WPPOOL, as we’re a fully remote team. You have to make sure you communicate well and are consistent with it.

We work for life, not live our lives for work.

Requirements that you must have

  • 0 – 2 years of experience
  • A mindset of researching and exploring new technologies, products and competitors.
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving with strong decision-making skills
  • Having a multitasking mindset and managing cross-functional teams that include marketing, QA, development, and design teams
  • A keen eye to understand and review the user experience flow from the wireframe and design elements
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly, write intelligently, and enjoy working with a passionate team
  • Has to be curious and enthusiastic about the work
  • Ability to do human centered mockups, and wireframes. Also, ability to review existing workflow of any process or user journey from human centered perspective and offer critical suggestions to improve
  • Abillity to think from user’s perspective, be the voice of users
  • Well-versed in English

Nice to have (totally optional)

  • Experience with WordPress, Shopify, or any SaaS products is a plus
  • Coding experiences such as basic knowledge of web development platforms, databases, and infrastructures
  • Wireframing or sketching experience on any product idea
  • Basic design knowledge (experience on Figma or other relevant platform would be highly appreciated)
  • Marketing knowledge or active marketing sense
  • Understand human (user) psychology and behavior
  • Experience of shipping any product would be a big plus for you

Job responsibilities that you need to perform

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams such as Developer, Design, Marketing, Sales, QA, and Support teams
  • Assist Product Manager to prepare qualitative experiments, testing, documentation, and improving the products 
  • Understand user pain points
  • Identify and fill product gaps
  • Create UI wireframes for the new features
  • Product testing
  • Work with the feedback from users (external and internal) to make products better
  • Keep a watchful eye on competitors
  • Need to write specs for the developers
  • Ensure that each member of WPPOOL receives solid product knowledge maintaining a friendly environment
  • Work in conjunction with product management, development & documentation

Educational requirements

Degree is not required. But you must be well-versed in English. Good communicator and well-behaved.


20,000 – 35,000 BDT (depending on experience)
Salary Review: Yearly

Benefits you’ll get

  • 2 weekly holidays 
  • Salary at a due time within the 5th of every month.
  • Two festival bonuses (according to the company policy)
  • Training and learning materials to improve skills
  • Marriage, maternity, and paternity Leave
  • Taking work break anytime at will (of course for legit reasons)
  • Medical allowance
  • Yearly tour to amazing places you might love (in country or abroad)
  • Team hangout every 4 months intervals including tour
  • Freedom at work and a friendly team
  • Performance bonus
  • Increment: Yearly

Job Nature: Full-time (remote)

Working hours

8 AM – 5 PM (But we’re very flexible regarding this)

Working days

Weekly: 5 days
Weekend: Friday, Saturday


We acknowledge that finding a person who ticks every box is pretty challenging. That’s why we prefer an ‘I don’t know, I’ll figure it out” – attitude over having a perfectly matching CV & portfolio.

Send your resume along with your cover letter (in the cover letter, try to answer the question why are you the right fit for WPPOOL) to [email protected] (or if you want, you can submit your application using the Apply Now button here).

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